Why Lesvos?

You should fall in love with the place you choose for your destination wedding, don’t you think? That is the big mystery around Lesvos. Love is in the air. It will captivate you. This Greek island is nothing like the Greece you know. It is not just blue and white. It is ochre, burgundy, silver and gold. It is green, yet its volcanic scenery is breathtaking. It is protected by UNESCO, so you can imagine the landscapes that await you. The waters are blue and cold, yet there are so many healing hot springs. The sky at night is like a star show. The traditional villages are so authentic and picturesque. The wedding customs are still so much alive and special. Lesvos is the real Greece; it is what you always thought Greece would feel like.

So come and fall in love. Again! Plan your wedding in Lesvos with MENTA and we will ensure you will relish each sun-filled day here as a couple in the most authentic Greek spot. Lesvos has a unique character, a special charm and finesse that makes visitors want to ask for more. Vivid scenery, clear blue waters, history, cultural events, cosmopolitan nightlife or tranquility and serenity. Have you thought to combine your wedding with your honeymoon? What a clever idea!

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