Stylish Tradition

Katerina and Sarandos came back to Lesvos from the U.K. They came back to stay and bring up their daughter the same way they were brought up. Freedome, nature, the Aegean Sea, friendly good mornings, freshly baked bread, safe neighborhoods, sunny days... Katerina and Sarandos came back to get married in Molyvos and brought sunshine from Manchester. Can you believe it? We were so happy to have been part of their special day. And I am so so happy for being the wedding planner and florist of my own sister. Love you sis!

  • Location: Molyvos, Lesvos, Agios Panteleimonos
  • Photographer: Costas Stamatellis
  • Wedding reception: Aphrodite Hotel
  • Flower decoration: Menta Weddings