Menta Approach

Having worked with so many different couples from many nationalities, we have the experience to organize the wedding of your dreams but our job is not only to offer our best services. Our job is to make sure you have no worries, to make you feel at ease and to understand you have the best team working for you. And our job is to make it fun for you, all the way through it. From your first email to the last goodbyes.

We are very happy to say we have made so many friends not only with the couples but also with our suppliers, the hotel owners, the cake makers, the photographers, our people. And we are even happier to make new friends and to create moments for you that will last and bring smiles into your faces for a long time after your big day.

We are an independent company with high standards of professionalism. We are not affiliated with any tour operators, we are passionate about what we do and easy going which is something you can see in our relationships with our customers. Anything can be solved and taken care of. With professionalism and a huge smile.


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