Stylish shot | traditional boho at Gera’s Olive Grove

This stylish shot was beyond expectations. The location of Gera's Olive Grove will leave anyone at a standstill. The traquillity will shooth any soul. The resort is authentic and of high quality. The owner, Alexandros Markidis sees his guests as friends and that will make everyone return. It wasn't easy preparing for this shot. We found ourselves numerous times wondering about, under the olive trees, within the gardens, by the sea. But in the end, everyone delivered. The hair, make-up, flowers, everything was done to perfection. Authentic elegance of Lesvos. Luxurious, boho or rustic... whichever style you wish, you can dream it. And leave it at Gera's Olive Grove.

  • Location: Gera's Olive Grove
  • Photographer: Costas Stamatellis
  • Wedding reception: Gera's Olive Grove
  • Flower decoration: Menta Weddings
  • Invitations: Doukas Prints
  • Wedding cake: Tsalikis
  • Catering: Mia fora ki ena glyko
  • Hair styling: Natassa Hair Salon