Autumn Stylish Pomegranate wedding

Maria and Vaggelis's story is one of those old fashioned love stories where at the end you marry your best friend. It was so emotional to see them meet in church. I think that even the priest cried. And even though the weather on that autumn day was rather moody, everyone's hearts were shinning. And when the moment came where all guests had to thow rice on the couple so the relationship would grow roots and last, believe me... the ammount of rice that fell on them covered the whole church floor. Maria chose the pomegranate as the theme of her wedding. For good fortune, wealth and good luck. Each favor had a small metalic gold pomegranet as a small gesture to each guest. The taverna Vafios was beautifully transformed into an elegant reception area with gold and ivory elements and of course the touch of the lush pomegranate. And even though the rain came, noone stopped dancing. Noone stopped drinking and eating the magnificent traditional mezedakia. We all just smiled and laughed and wished for the lucky couple to find the magic at the end of the rainbow.

  • Location: Molyvos, Asomatos, Lesvos
  • Photographer: Notis & Petros
  • Wedding reception: Taverna Vafios, Vafios
  • Flower decoration: Menta Weddings