Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have to be in Greece a specific number of days before or after the marriage?

A. There is no specific number of days you are required to be in Greece before the marriage, however the more days you allow the better for organisational purposes. For your peace of mind, allowing 5 days before the wedding day would be a good idea. You will need to be here one working day after the marriage in order to sign and complete the legal documentation. If you can not stay, you must let us know as soon as you know.

Q. Where is the wedding ceremony conducted?

A. The ceremony takes place in the location of your choice; it is no longer compulsory for a marriage ceremony to take place in the Town Hall. When you complete your certificate of No Impediment to Marriage, you will be asked to state where or in which district you intend to get married. It is preferable to write the island name e.g. ‘Lesvos, Greece’, rather than the specific location.

Q. Are the wedding locations determined by the packages you offer?

A. No. You can pick and mix from the packages and find the location that suits you.

Q. There are only two people in our group, what do we do for witnesses?

A. We can provide two witnesses for you.

Q. Will our Greek marriage be legally recognised in the U.K.?

A. Yes. Once you have obtained the English translation of your marriage licence you can proceed as you would in the U.K. with changing names on documents etc. One of our team will accompany you to the Town Hall to sign your Greek Marriage Certificate. You will have this translated in England and then contact the Foreign Commonwealth Office to register your overseas marriage ( You can also contact the Legislation Office at the Foreign Commonwealth Office by e mail: or call 03700 00 22 44 Monday to Friday, midday to 4pm.

Q. We are on a strict budget. How can we stick to it?

A. We will provide you with ample choices covering all budgets. You can add or delete options and tailor your wedding to suit your budget. We will advise you how to keep costs down and stay within your budget.

Q. Do we have to pay a security deposit?

A. Yes. The security deposit is not refundable and it only secures reservation of the date, celebrant and ceremony. The amount is deducted from the final wedding invoice. The amount of the security deposit varies and depends on the numbers of guests.

Q. Do you have a cancellation policy?

A. Yes we do. Of course you can cancel your wedding reservation any time you need to. Cancellation fees vary depending on when we were informed and what expenses were made till that day. If you cancel close to your wedding date, we may not be able to refund your money. In case of an emergency case we will handle this matter with the appropriate sensitivity.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Unfortunately no we do not. We are working on that though!

Q. How do I know my wedding date is reserved?

A. The minute we receive your security deposit, we will send you an email with your wedding day reservation and details. Then we would have to discuss your budget and your thoughts and ideas for your big day… we will then prepare a proposal, a package, just for you. Changes can be made of course, after that just as long as we have time to deliver. As soon as you approve our proposal, we will continue with the preparation of your wedding.

Q. Do all vendors need a deposit?

A. Of course. Any business requires a deposit in order to secure the venue, hotel rooms, transfers, florists etc. Payments must be made via bank wire transfers or cash. Bear in mind that some of our services have cancellation fees but not all.

Q. Where can we have our wedding reception

A. Oh so many places to choose from. A beach, a local tavern, a pier, a wooden boat, a cliff with amazing views, a top class hotel, a hotel by the beach, the possibilities are endless. Please contact as with your ideas and watch them come true!