MENTA baptisms are elegant and unique. We will organize everything for you. From designing the favors and the baptism set, to making unique handmade art for the decoration. From finding you the nicest baptism clothes and shoes, to organizing the venue, the cake, the entertainment, the legal papers and anything that you wish for, for your child’s special day!

And because we love new ideas and making fresh designs, no one else will have the same baptism set as you. You can choose from a wide variety of wooden boxes, simple and more complex, or paper boxes, leather bags etc. and we will decorate it according your wishes. We can take a simple white wooden box and hand-paint a theme on it. Gabriela is the artist here and she loves creating new themes and regenerating old ones.

We also work with amazing people that supply us with beautiful items that you could never find online. But our most precious friend is Malena at BOTEK. A local business that make magic with fabric! Malena will talk to you and see your likes and needs. Then we will design together custom made items for the Lambada (the candle), the Baptism Set, the decoration. Unique and elegant items that are not just pretty but also practical. So the fabric mermaid, for example, decorating the Lambada is a beautiful mermaid doll that transforms into a princess if you take the tail off! But we will not tell you all!

Come, be inspired and let us plan the most elegant and unique baptism for your special little one.